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  • Vise on a Cart

    Any photos around of a vise on a cart?

    I'm thinking of this 2' square, (probably larger) flat top cart I have, its about 4' tall with swivel casters all around. I would like to put some flip over / out feet on the bottom to keep it from tipping when in use. Then fold them back to roll.

    I use a vise and porta band more than anything else and can't see being without it. I have seen some mount a vise on the trailer tongue but the V nose doesn't leave any room. I don't want it inside so what am I missing? Never used a pipe vise, would that be a better portable way to go?

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    I don't have a vise on my set up. Probably should but haven't figured out a way to mount it that I like. Maybe it's just the type of work I do that I haven't needed one. I use a zip wheel to cut vs. a saw.

    I thought about a reciever type out the side of the trailer but then all the grinding/welding will damage the finish on the side of the trailer.
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    Victor O/A
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      I have a vise mounted to a disk blade from a disk harrow the serrected one's work the best I just welded a pipe to the blade made a mounting plate for the vice works


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        You can create a lot of lateral force on a vice -- sawing, filing, hammering, etc. putting it on casters means it can roll. You can use locking casters to help with that, but you also want to use swiveling casters. Even if locked, they can rotate around the swivel. I have a vice on a bench which is on swiveling casters in my home shop and have that exact problem doing home handyman stuff... Doing commercial or industrial scale work could e worse.

        The outrigger legs you mentioned sound like a really good idea to deal with the problems I have.



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          Depending what you will put in the vise, I could not do without a RIDGID chain vise.
          Check craigs list. I found them as cheap as $100.00. With the chain vise, you can almost fit anything in there.
          What about adding a piece of receiver tube to the trailer ? Then make up a vise setup to fit ? Depending how much physical pounding , beating, twisting,etc.
          will determine how stout you will need to make it. I have a 15'' aluminium car wheel for a base with 2'' pipe upright with receiver tube welded to it. I drop in the vise, bench grinder, or my hand shear. It's not used for pounding or heavy stuff. Couldn't do without it now that I made it.


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            My cuz uses the chain vise, he likes them also. Another reason I like the cart idea is that it could be used to Tig on.

            Like MMW, I would like to get away from the trailer at least several feet.


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              I needed a fast solution to vise holding problem so I came up with this. It worked fine for me, a chain vise would work as well.