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  • HOW To', Vertical Down

    Hi What is the right procedure for doing downhill welds?
    I find the molten metal running down under the arc & getting in the weld pool,
    Doe's it take more current to blow the slag out Or less to keep the heat down
    Any paticular rods suit better? I know vertical up is the way to do most joints But what is thr recommend , easiest way to go downhill in lighter material?
    Ive seen perfect pictures of the so called stack of dimes look,
    Anyone share the technique for doing this?
    Thanks" Joe,

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    Used to run 6013 downhill on thin (up to 10 ga or so) sheet stock in school.
    120 or 125 amps or so with an 1/8" rod. You have to be very careful at the start or you'll get a lack of filler on the face of the weld. Hold the rod about 60-70 degrees pointing uphill and go like heck LOL (no whipping or pausing)
    I'm sure some of the pipeline guys can tell you more about other rods and techniques. .


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      I was never a fan of 6013 rod.
      To run downhill with stick, I'd use 6010 or 6011. Fast freeze rods make it a piece of cake.
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        With stick watch your puddle closely & stay ahead of the flux. I only use it on thin material that will burn through if going verticle up.
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          HOW To', Vertical Down

          You can down hand 7018 as well you wanna keep your rod about 90 degrees to the steel and turn your heat up to approx the next rod size heat. Example if you run 1/8 normally around 120. Run 3/32 down hand at around the same. We use down hand 7018 for welding membranes to boiler tubes. And don't worry about the flux you'll burn it all away as you go.


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            I use 7018 downhill occasionally to fill before running back uphill.