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M-15 Gun Liner question

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  • M-15 Gun Liner question

    I have a M-15 Mig gun on a Millermatic 130 that I think needs the liner replaced because it has started having feed issues. The problem I have is when I picked up a new liner that was recommended by my local Miller repair depot it is not the same liner. My liner is a push in friction fit at the machine end of the gun and all the Miller ones that are spec'ed for my gun have a threaded flange on the machine end of the gun. The gun is original to the machine and I have never changed the liner. The people at the repair depot say all Miller liners screw in but I have no threads to screw the new liner into. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Try cleaning your machine's wire drive wheels with a maroon scotch pad, making sure you get down into the groves and clean them off with some denatured alcohol..

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