Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Several months ago I picked up a MM35, white face, converted to Tweco #2 gun. I cleaned it up, painted it, replaced consumables and ratty leads, put in about 160,000 uF of new capacitors and now it's awesome. I probably spent $300 in all, $100 on the welder itself and the rest in parts. Best tool purchase ever.

Anyway, now I'm interested in dabbling with aluminum. First question: is it even worth it with this power supply? Can I get spray transfer with this ~150A welder?

Second, how to feed wire?

My best options appear to be:
A) try with nylon/teflon liner, keep the whip straight, etc. There are no U-groove rollers available for the MM35, near as I can tell.

B) Adapt a spool gun. If so, which one? Are there any with the standard Tweco backend that would work (with some electronics re-wiring on the power supply end)? Alternatively I could maybe tee the power and gas and put a generic Euro connector on the front?

C) Give up, borrow my neighbor's Dynasty 200DX and figure out how to TIG. I hate borrowing tools, especially $3000 ones.

Thanks in advance,