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TIG or MIG for alloy products

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  • TIG or MIG for alloy products

    I have to decide to buy one welding machine to weld alloy products for my new workshop. There are two different ideas among our welders. Even I feel convince to use TIG and some of them propose me to use Syncrowave 250.

    Could you provide me more idea?

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    I have been researching lately. MIG or TIG will weld just about any alloy. The basic advantages of the two are:

    TIG: Highest quality best looking welds, Easy to change between metals, Most have stick capability.

    MIG: Easier to weld with, Faster

    TIG seems better for maintenance type operations and MIG better if you are primarily welding one alloy.

    Maybe some of the more experienced welders on the forum can confirm or argue this.


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      i agree TIG is better maintenance because you can weld pretty much everything(?)! it does take longer to do though but thats okay because you have the advantage of well... doing everthing ! what pops to mind for MIG... chassis building! MIG is fast, easy, blah blah blah perfect for that kind of job! um... whatever got ta go sorry