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Tig torch parts ID help

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  • Tig torch parts ID help

    Hi at work we have a miller 350 or 400 amp tig I use occasionally my main job is a machinist. I would like to buy my own set of cups collets and lenses but the style of lenses found on EBAY are different than what work uses.I'm off work till the weekend so I dont have any part#s The lenses they use thread into the handle and have a shorter length with a large hex at the screen end. It is a water cooled torch that uses lenes like the weldcraft site shows for a wp18. Are the common parts on EBAY compatible if you use the collets and lenses and cups. Are the parts different because of the high amp capability of the welder. Is there online parts availible. Thanks

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    tig touch help

    go to they have a online catalog. most welding suppliers should have access to their inventory.
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