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    I am a new welder and have some stupid questions. I have been welding 14 gauge square tubing and some of welds are good and some, not so good. My question is the 110 outlet that I am using is on a 15amp breaker. I am wondering if I am getting inconsistent welds due to not plugging in on a 20amp breaker?

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    I would think that a 110 outlet should run a 135 just fine
    The main thing is not to panic or get excited
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      We have a 135 at work works better with # 10 wire and a heavier reseptical


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        plunged into 15 amp circuit should be ok, but with diminished output

        Just pulled up the manual, section 3 (specs) indicate that a max of 63 amps (@ welding voltage) is all you will get. If you increase the output you will just blow a breaker. Don't constantly weld on the verge of blowing the breaker cause you will damage the beaker.

        Good or bad connections including the plug will effect the ability of the welder to perform. Check to confirm your connections in the breaker box and the outlet box are good. Many times outlets are chained together, so there could be a "bad" connection anywhere along the circuit

        If you do have a 12ga wire (remove the cover to the breaker box to see )in this circuit then you can install a 20amp breaker. (Only do this if you are competent to do so)

        Just a thought: If you only have a 14ga wire and you put a 20amp breaker in that circuit you could easily burn your house down.

        Check your consumables. If the brass guide that channels the weld wire is worn you can have consistency problems.


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          Originally posted by Renagade View Post
          I would think that a 110 outlet should run a 135 just fine
          I figured it was just me. Thanks