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Inconsistent Idling on Bobcat 225

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  • Inconsistent Idling on Bobcat 225


    I have a Bobcat 225 that seems to not be at a consistent idle. It just hums up and down...sometimes very low. Any ideas on what could be causing this and how I can fix it?


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    If it is just when its idling low between welding or no generator load then its more than likely the Carb. All of mine do the same thing if I don't keep em clean. U can probly get away with taking the bowl off (while trying your best NOT to break the thin gasket), clean the bowl out, take the float assembly off (CAREFULLY) don't loose the spring, spray 2+2 Carb cleaner...yes I know that stuff is a lil pricy but it works great. Use tip cleaners first through all the tiny holes that you can get to. I dunno what its called but there should be one straight up the center make sure you get that one, then spray them too. Use a good fuel treatment heavy the first 5 gallons or so. After that just use what it recommends. I recommend Lucas fuel treatment. It has worked great for me a long time. If you do that it should work along with a couple little adjustments on the carb


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      check the choke cable mine was doing the same thing . i changed the plugs put new air filter and it still done it til i noticed the choke cable wasn't in it's right place and by that i mean the weathering on the rod of the cable thats exposed to the enviroment was darker than the rod that sits inside the sleave .i took some aero kroil and lubed the cable up fire the machine up and the problem was solved. to this day even though it doesn't hang up any more i still check the cable to make sure it's pushed in the correct amount and not to far.


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        Thanks Guys....I will try those things and see what progress I make



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          Get meter that reads HZ frequency. and set your engine accordingly with the meter probes in the 120 Vac terminals. You must get 42 - 44Hz low idle, and 62.5hz high idle.