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Which plasma cutter 375 or 625?

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  • Which plasma cutter 375 or 625?

    I'm nearing a plasma cutter purchace. I want excellent 1/4" finish everytime I use the machine and it has to be able to cut decently through 3/8" and torch cut quality through 1/2".

    I will be using the cutter to trace templates I have made for brackets that I need to make multiples of. And I dont want to have to grind on these when I'm done, they need to have a good finish right from the cutter.

    Having said all that, is the Spectrum 375 borderline? If it is at all I'd rather spend the few extra hundred on the 625.

    thanks a lot!

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    Gone4x4n..........The 375 will sever 1/2 inch.......... The 625 is rated to do 1/2 inch and more........ Yes i would go with the 625 this time the results will be better...........Rock..........
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      Thanks ROCK, has anyone else used both these machines and care to give me there thoughts?


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        GON4X4..............Hey as a further aid in your decision makeing process check out See what other customers have had to say about the plasma cutters your asking about.... And just so your aware of it......... Miller/Hobart are both owned by the same company.........And that is ITW....... and we work quite well together.............Regards..............Rock....
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          which one?

          gon4x4n I've used both and I vote with Rock on this one. The 625 has the extra power and that translates to less clean up and cleaner cuts in less than spotless materials.(muddy and dirty jeeps is what I'm talking about!) let me know what you decide to do PISTOL8


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            The 625 is an excellent choice. Just remember when taking rated thickness into account to include torch standoff if you are not dragging. Therefore, if you have .250 standoff, you've lost that 1/4" in cutting capacity. This is typical for all plasmas I've used including the Thermal Dynamics and ESABS. Judging from list price the 2050 is a few hundred dollars more than the 625. It is your hard earned cash. Spend it to meet your needs. I have a machine rated to clean cut 1" and sever 1-1/2" and have never been sorry about going a little overboard. My used supplier may be a good source to call. He had a used 2050 in great shape with a new torch. If you want the info, email me. I've had several inquiries-have not heard if they purchased or not. Check a couple of dealers. I use a Miller dealer in Knoxville Tennessee that typically sells at bare bones especially if referred by a good customer. I'll be glad to send that info too. If you have not already bought and want any info, shoot me a request.