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Weldtec vs CK torches Interchangable heads

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  • Weldtec vs CK torches Interchangable heads

    Both companies seem to be highly regarded on this forum?

    Both offer a rotohead.
    Only weld tec offers a Ball Joint. BUT the rotohead is not compatable with any other torch bodies / handles.

    CK flex lock (aka roto head) and Flex head are inter changable to the same handle with an adapter. (i hope that make sense)

    BUT Flexheads wear out over time.

    My question is; which is a better foundation to start from???

    My application is a Dynasty 200dx. Welding SS headers, and Aluminum intake manifolds. I also do mobil side work. And intend to learn to walk the cup on pipe.

    I need an air cooled torch to get me going right now then but will build a water cooler down the road and invest in a 2nd torch.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Answering my own question. If you have a generic handle, you need the following.

    To add a Weld Tec Ball Joint Head...
    Ball Joint head - 1718-70
    Sleeve Assy - WTB-A1
    Body - WTB-A

    To add a CK FlexLoc Head...
    body - FLTBA
    LBB3L - Head
    FLAF - Adapter

    The CK adapter goes from generic thread on the power cable side to metric on the head side.

    If you buy a CK Flexlock Torch Assy; you can not use any other head because the power cable supplied is metric thread.