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  • Leakage

    We have a Miller TIG welder. We use Argon Gas.
    I always close the cylinder valve when finished. I noticed that the next day the meter is always down to zero.
    Does this mean I have a gas leak? Or is this normal?

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    means you do have a leak, figure out how long it takes to leak down and you will have a better understanding of how large the leak really is. make sure all connections are tight.

    obviously you do want it sealed, otherwise if you forget to close the valve the tank will be empty in a few days. then again, even tank valves can leak, i always close the tank valve and my last bottle went dry before i used it again a few months later and i had the clerk giving me a bit of attitude when i asked if they have had valves leak. i got a replacement bottle for free with some dirty looks.
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      As a reminder, the tank valve should be FULLY OPENED when using. [backseated]
      It may leak when partial opened.
      The only tank valve not fully opened is a fuel gas cylinder.


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        On a high pressure tank, the valve stem can leak . . . that's why you open the valve fully. It has a seat on the backside. When the valve is closed, your system can leak past the stem seal even if everything else is perfect. Some tanks are better than others. Don't worry about it if it takes several hours to leak down.
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