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  • PowCon plasma plus

    I understand that Miller bought out PowCon many years ago. I picked up an old PowCon Plasma Plus with a wire feed that I'm trying to get running. It was hooked up 480 3phase and I converted it to 220V single phase and everything tests good with my fluke meter. I can get the plasma cutter to light and cut but it seems inconsistent. It has a weldcraft pc-30 head and am struggling to even find tips (consumables) for it. I also have the wire feed working but don't have a tank to test it for real. Haven't tried to stick weld with it because I have an AC/DC stick that I normally use.

    Is this unit worth spending time on trying to get it dialed in or is it known for problems? I'd probably use it once or twice a month in my hobby shop. Does anybody have any time on one of these and can give me some pointers? I can't find any info on it that is helpful as far as set up.
    Thanks, Ole

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    Arc Products in San Diego bought up all of the old PowCon pieces. I don't know what they have because it's been 9 years since I dealt with them. I had a 200SM, and it had the most awesome stick mode I have ever seen.

    Arc Products
    1245 30th Street
    San Diego, CA 92154



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      Miller Stratus Plus / PowCon Plasma Plus

      Thanks Cope for the reply, I'll check out their website.

      From what I learned the unit I have have is the same as a Miller Spestrum Plus. I'm hoping somebody has the Miller unit and can tell me a little more about it. I read somewhere on the internet (can't find it now) where someone said these units worked well on 3ph and not so well 230V single phase at least as far as plasma cutting. Anybody shed some light on this?