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Miller syncrowave 180

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  • Miller syncrowave 180

    I have a Miler syncrowave that I bought new in 2007...I did not abuse it or weld daily a very clean machine..I went to use it and nothing would work except Arc.. .took it to OE smith where I bought it ..cost me $200 to fix it..they said that the card was going out of it..took it home turned it on and boom ..nothin but smoke...took it back and they said the card burned fix it would cost me $1200 for a new there a cheaper repair place than that...vey very not happy

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    syncrowave sd 180...any help out there???

    No help on this??


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      Sorry, no help. Maybe posting your location may help. I checked your profile for it
      and saw you have a 180 MICROWAVE listed. Made me laugh.
      Did you try posting on ? I hope my 180 holds together.


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        Cause its now a smoke show, I'm thinking best to take it to a qualified Miller repair center. Before it was just the board, now, its likely more than just that.

        A new pc1 board is around the $500 mark.