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About The 180 TIG material thickness

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    how much aluminum r u really going to weld with an air cooles torch?
    I'll see more steel than aluminum. I don't need very much 3/8" aluminum but I will need some.

    Most of the stainless I'll work will be thinner like between 0.020" and 0.125"
    The steel will be thicker: from 0.125" to 0.375"
    Aluminum I'll see will be mostly 0.250" to 0.375" but less often 0.375"
    Then there will be the very occasional bit of inconel and hastalloy. I'd love to have a ton of inconel (I'm a brewer) but the stuff is spendy.

    It's a thermal arc 186. 200amp. Square wave, ac/dc tig stick and a little higher duty cycle
    Nice price. Thermal Arc is a Victor product. ( Victor was Thermadyne) they have multiprocess machines but managed not to include a plasma cutter.
    A 35% duty cycle you have what - - - 6.5 minutes of welding time out of any given ten minute period?
    Are they making the 186 any more?

    look at the PDF for the 181i

    The miller 165 has duty cycle reported at
    60 A at 12.4 V, 100% Duty Cycle
    150 A at 16 V, 20% Duty Cycle
    165 A at 16.6 V, 15% Duty Cycle

    The Victor machine duty cycle is reported as:
    140 A at 25.6 V, 30% Duty Cycle
    175 A at 27 V, 20% Duty Cycle

    I don't know how to read the Volts/Amps differences. That is: what's it mean to the welding experience that one is 25.6 V and the other is 16 V in a sort of similar range of Amps.
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      You have the duty cycle backwards. 35% is 3.5 minutes of welding and 6.5 minutes of cooling. 100% would be non-stop welding.
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        The only place I've seen that thermal arc 186 is on
        That fabricator 181 you pulled up isn't the same one.


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          If your going to do more than the occasional 1/4" to 3/8" aluminum then this size machine is not for you.
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