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Dialarc HF (amperage control circuit)

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  • Dialarc HF (amperage control circuit)

    Hi, I have a Dialarc hf (serial # JA382685) and I was welding up a boat prop and my welding arc dropped to almost nothing, the circuit breaker on the machine tripped and when I reset it and turn on the power the breaker trips as soon as the switch is turned on? I know some thing has shorted out but what?, and is it an easy fix, or do I need to get another welder? The circuit breaker feeding power to the machine is double 50 and it works great and has not tripped. The welder still will weld on high freq if I put the selector switch all the way up in high range and the other switch is on AC I have no amp control just one steady currant. Dose anyone know anything about amperage control circuit or have tech manual on this? Any help is good help! Hi again I spoke with a tech at Miller and he said that it sounded like a bridge rectifier so I took one from and old gas portable welder and it was the same older but I installed it and wala my machine is back to work. Thanks tech support
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