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    Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post
    I just sit the fire extinguisher there, don't know if I would be carrying that one. It holds a good bit of water but a little red dry chemical maybe better and have the larger close by.

    I like the idea of a cage but why can't you pull two swivel wheels in the front with a handle long enough so you don't run over your heels? if I cage it, I can push or pull. I guess your stating the standards, thanks.

    Its 31" wide 48" long. Should fit through most doors, mine anyway.

    Thanks again for the ideas
    If you have a long handle like a wagon then yes but the wheel geometry works a little differently , but for carts with swivel castors usually much easier to steer the cart by pushing.

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      I've always wanted to buy an old Ford Ranger or Chevy S10 and make it into a flatbed, put a gas drive on it, something small for on the property and to help my farm neighbors out.