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Desicant dryer for plasma.

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  • Desicant dryer for plasma.

    Posted on the projects forum but zip response so try here. Planning on building a desicant dryer and wondering if anyone else has....and any thoughts?

    Bouncing around a few ideas and now thinking maybe a 3-foot leanth of maybe 2-1/2 pipe...threaded fittings on the end with screens and fill it with Amazing Cat Litter as its 100% silica. Just mount it to the wall and run the air line in bottom and out top via quick connects.

    Anyone done this? Should work I'd think and big bag of Amazing Litter is about 15 to 20 bucks. Doesn't color change but pure silica should dry in the oven. Anyone?

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    Dessicant dryer

    I built a dessicant dryer using 4" pipe, one welded cap and one heavy flange for filling/refilling. I used activated alumina for the dessicant. I think the length of pipe was about 20 inches and used almost 10 pounds of a.a. easily found on ebay. I prefer downward flow so the bed is not lifted during periods of high flow. and you will probably want some type of particulate filter after the dryer to catch pieces of your dessicant that make it past the screen.



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      Thanks Ray....running the air flow that direction a good idea. I'm in texas and a lot of humidity in the summer so need to do as much as I can to keep the air dry. Also going to add a condenser and small drip tank between the compressor and the main tank. That...the dryer as well as filters and water seporators should do it.