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My Miller Digital Elite cartridge got wet!!!!!

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  • My Miller Digital Elite cartridge got wet!!!!!

    It's enough to make a whole bunch of my bad sides line up ready for a fight. I don't really want to buy a new hood when all I need is the cartridge if it is available.

    I won the hood a couple of years ago from Miller in a welding contest and it has sentimental value besides the $350.00 replacement cost.

    For twenty years or so I've kept the hood on the truck in a large plastic tool box. It keeps the hood dry and keeps it safe from other tools etc. A couple three weeks ago I used the box for a work bench while drilling some small holes in a piece of plate. Evidently a perfectly wrong 3/16" hole ended up unnoticed in the absolutely best bad place. The box had an inch of water in it when I reached for the hood last night.

    Anyone know where I can buy just the cartridge?

    I have an electronic Selstrom and a Jackson comparable to the Miller but I like the Miller best of all.
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    For price of replacement just buy the hood. Only $20 more


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        You could try burying the cartridge in silica gel or rice for a day or two to suck the moisture out of it. Then talk to it in low calm tones and it might come back to life.


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          How about heating the point of a scrath owl and melt a few small weep holes in the plastic case to drain water out and improve air circulation....then put a hair drier over the holes.... nothing ventured nothing gained.


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            I've read that many electronic items survive immersion in water if you don't turn them on. Let it dry out for no less than a week, preferably two and then see if it works. If the water was muddy \ dirty, wash it in clear water and then let it dry. If it has batteries, remove them. The area on top of refrigerators is typically around 80ยบ so that's a good place to let it dry out if your wife will allow it. That's a good place to sprout seeds too.


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              The problem when washing parts with water is the minerals in the water start eating the parts in a few weeks. There are cell phone repair places that use deionized water for this reason. Just passing this along. Good luck...Bob
              Bob Wright


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                I picked up a bag of dinner rice, enriched of course, and put the cartridge and rice in a big baggie. The next day I tossed in a Jackson cartridge that had gotten wet a couple of years ago and never worked since.

                Yesterday the Miller is still dead, double doggone darn. But the Jackson now has the welding function but the grind and torchcut functions don't work.

                I think I'll keep the baggie of rice around for future stuff like wet cameras, phones, etc.

                I did put in new batteries in both cartridges when I tried them. I'm using the Jackson now because I like the headgear better on it over the Selstrom.
                life is good


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                  I bought a replacement cartridge off ebay a while back for mine, used but not cracks and works fine. Think I paid $80 or so. Gotta watch for a while.