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Goggle/Shield on Pipeline Video

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  • Goggle/Shield on Pipeline Video

    Just watched a Miller YouTube video and they're wearing what looks like a pair of goggles with two flat shields at 90 degrees to each other. Found a vendor selling the shield part called pancake helmet but there isn't a lens or goggle apparatus to go with it.

    What is the name of this type of helmet?

    They'd be a lot cooler but don't offer as much spark protection but what really attracted my attention is the goggle part. If those are auto-dark I'm seriously interested as I'm really having a battle with being able to see because of backlight in the hood. Plan is this weekend to come up with some kind of leather drape for my Digital Elite to block backlight. Goggles would kill that little problem dead. :-)
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    It is called a pancake hood. They usually fit the older style welding lens so you could fit an AD insert in them. Usually used by pipeline guys.


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      "pancake hood"

      The first pancake hood was actually built by a pipeliner in Bakersfield ca, the goggle as you called it is a balsa wood box that you will custom sand to fit your face. The hood portion is made of fiberglass.Worn properly is one of the finest hoods ever invented for pipeline work. The first time you wear it will make a believer out of any experienced hand. The first thing you'll appreciate is lack of eye fatigue and clarity. Since they are a standard 2 1/4" x4" welding lens there are many options of filters. These hoods are made in many variations and are no longer made with the flip type lens.


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        Actually, the first pancake hood was built by my dad, George Gilchrist of Rock Springs, Wyoming, who invented (but sadly never patented) it in 1966. He built them in our basement and sold thousands of them around the world through nothing but word of mouth.


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          Imagine thing would be different if he had the Google. Probably would've sold a couple more than a few thousand of em.

          Do you happen to have any of those old hoods laying around?