I recently purchased a Hypertherm 30 online via WeldSource. Showed up last week...had time on the weekend to tinker a bit. Happy with it. Feels like it'll do everything I need. Now the "dumb me" part.

The 30 comes with a filter built inside but figured I'd buy the Hypertherm external filter as well because if some is good, more is better..right. I was smart enough to pull the cover off the 30 and put a wrench on the internal filter fitting when removing the air chuck fitting from the rear of the unit. Unfortunately was not smart enough to make sure the wrench didn't slip off...giving the internal filter a jolt and crack the plastic nut that holds it to its bracket inside. Now the filter sort of flopped around inside.

After quoting at least the first half of the Websters swear dictionary aloud I figured a small hose clamp over the cracked nut made it tightened up nice and snug for now. Also added a support bracket to the case because the added filter is sort of hanging off a single light fitting on back. Nice and solid now but still I know a broken patched up nut inside. I decide want to buy a replacement nut.

Send a message off to WelderSource where I bought the cutter on line. They are actually a real place...not just factory drop shipping via some guys basement office. With them I also got talking to Hypertherm factory guys direct. I simply wanted to buy a replacement nut but my luck, no nut on the parts breakdown. Filter regulator is sold as an assembly which is big bucks. But I sort of had the issue fixed anyway as the bracket I added and hose clamp had everything good and solid. Other than pissed at myself not a huge deal. I could live knowing inside a small hose clamp was holding a crack in a nut together.

But then without asking WeldSource says they will send me a free Hypertherm 30 consumables kit to make up for the misshap. Even though it was my own stupid wrench slipping that caused the problem. Not sure it was them or Hypertherm but regardless I'm impressed with both. The nut (if available) would be no more than a couple bucks. The consumable kit retails for over 100 bucks.

Not sure brand(s) X built over << there or some ebay only seller working from his basement would have been so easy and great to deal with. So, as with the Miller 211 I bought...glad I went with good American companies that not only stand behind their product but stand behind people like me who screw up simply setting up their plasna cutter!