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Form for Miller reviews?

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  • Form for Miller reviews?

    Maybe it exists...I'm accessing this site on a phone app and from looking...I tad vauge compared to full site...but wondered if there is, or if not, would it be a good idea to have a form to "Review Miller Products"?

    Simple why you went with Miller...why the model you purchased....and pros & cons.

    If there is a dedicated form already for this appologise but on the app only 3 actual forms show. Welding discussions. Welding projects and I think the 3rd is Racing.

    For me, one spot to read real users reviews of the model they bought would have been worth while when buying. I think I made the right choice but was headed down the wrong road at first.

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    Our user reviews feature will be launching in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted when it goes LIVE.


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      Good to hear. I could have my son do a review of our circa 1973-1974 Dialarc 250. It is one serial number higher than that listed in the oldest manual I can find.

      Looks good & welds sweet. If I could find another one for $300., I'd get it.
      Miller stuff:
      Dialarc 250 (1974)
      Syncrowave 250 (1992)
      Spot welder (Dayton badged)