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What flux wire do you use to weld Aluminized Steel?

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  • What flux wire do you use to weld Aluminized Steel?

    Wanted to fabricate some intercooler pipes for my car and i'm wanted to use aluminized steel pipes (to keep costs down). Do I use Aluminum Wire w/ Argon or Regular Steel Wire or Stainless Steel Wire? Which wire will work best? Which gas should i use with steel? Thanks.

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    I know that you cant use aluminum filler metal because it wont stick. Muffler shops just use a regular mild steel filler material for this.


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      A 70S-6 should with standard 75/25 gas should do the trick.



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        Aluminized pipe has only a coating of aluminum, much like the zinc coating on galvanized steel. Once you understand this, it's obvious that standard welding wire that you would use for mild steel will work best.

        I've welded aluminized pipe before on custom exhaust systems and such, and the only thing I have to add is that you should remove the aluminzed coating from weld area. Sandpaper would work, But I'd recommend using a flap disk, it will get the job done MUCH quicker.
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