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hypertherm powermaxx 600

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  • hypertherm powermaxx 600

    I am in the process of looking for a plasma cutter... I have a Guy that has one for sale but said the power reg knob was broken? How hard and expensive is this to repair? And secondary is there a way to test it with the reg knob broken? Thx for the help! Vance

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    The curent adjustment knob part number is 008965

    The book doesn't show a PN for the pressure regulator's knob. The closest I can come is what they call the filter regulator subassembly, PN 011083, the company might have the knob in stock.


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      OK great! That gets me going in the rite direction. Is this part expensive to fix? What exactly does this part do? Thx again for the help! Vance


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        vancass the parts manual doesn't give prices. but I don't see why they wouldn't have a knob on the shelf. If you have to buy the whole regulator see if you can have it come off the price of the machine. The regulator comes with a filter and o- ring, I would buy them both for spairs while I was ordering parts. The regulator doesn't look hard to install. Good luck