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2" 6G Pipe

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  • 2" 6G Pipe

    I've been welding schedule80 pipe in preparation for a 2" XXS pipe test. Regardless of how many roots I run I continue to have a problem with tying-in to my tacks. Each tie-in has what resembles a 'fish-eye' or a dimple that is pretty obvious when reviewing the finished root. I have been able to tie-in a few times with no problems with the fish-eye but even then I am unsure as to how I achieved that. Does anyone have advice for tying into a tack with the root looking seamless?

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    If you're not already grinding your tacks, you should be grinding the starts and stops to close to a knife edge so that when you run your stringer bead it will burn through those areas, leaving the tack "invisible".
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      Myself personally I never grind the tacks , just hang about long enough to burn in to the tack properly , as you run into the tack ease off on the wire and let the arc heat up the tack enough before adding wire .
      what gap are you using? I keep a tight gap , typically 2.4mm but tighter still on some butts . If you are using a bigger gap then your amps will obviously be lower so it might help to grind/ feather the tacks.