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  • Bobcat restoration

    well I started tearing down my Miller bobcat welder..for a restoration project today. Got all the cowling off and covers.will pressure wash it tomorrow and then be ready to sand a all the new decals and grafix in for it , so it should look like a new done... dont know weather to wash the electrical parts , there are no circuit boards in it to ruin but im Leary of that , may just have to wipe that part down with a damp rag, the motor im not worried about. will post before and after pics later. anyone have any suggestions......Its a BoBcat 225G Plus with an Onan, i dont see any circuit boards in it .....will it hurt the transformers and switches if i did a quick wash and then blow dry with air. any input would greatly be appreciated Thanks
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    You can get electrical parts cleaner from just about any hardware store in aerosol can. Get a couple cans and spray the really dirty parts then wipe clean, for the rest I would just use air. I have always used a good silicone spray after its clean. It helps next time you wana clean it, stuff doesn't stick.


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      I agree, just use compressed air and electrical parts cleaner. Spraying water inside a welder is not a good idea.


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        Thanks guys , I did get it power washed today but I didn't wash under the hood I was scared to do that so I just wiped it down and used air and blowed out the generator and all the controls, I will get me some of the contact cleaner and clean the rheostats and contact was perty dusty and ckaked up under there probably hasn't been cleaned since it was new, I think it a 96 model, I haven't had the chance to look up the serial number yet , but I have it cleaned up like a new one now. got all the oil from them changing the oil and just letting it drain down in to the subframe, would have been simpler just to attach a short hose on to the oil drain thingie, but some people just don't care.....So today I spent about 4 hours cleaning and power washing , removing all the old decals and removing the sticker residue. got the Onan as clean as I could, just short of using muratic acid on it but I didnt do that , shure would have made the Aluminum look clean......So will the silicone spray keep the contaces clean on the selector switches ....I know back way back when I use to service electronic equipitment I use to use some kind of grease to lub the contacts, hut that had beed 20 plus years since in the service .... ibusines.......Tamarrow I will start sanding and primeing,,,,,O and anothe thing I was wanting to ask should stay with just `regular morter oil or should switch to synthitic oui and if so what would recomendfor all weather temprature , I want to do what best for the machine......sorry for being long winded but this being my first Gas welder I just want to start out on the right foof.......thanks in advanced for any info that might be replied......oh also If I di use Sybthitic oil would I need to use sone bariams cleaner to wash out the cank case of it or is that no that no big deal,
        Thank foe any help... When I get ths project finished I will post some pictures


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          dang I didnt realize that this walmart laptop cant spell worth a **** LOL