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XMT 350 Pulsed?

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  • XMT 350 Pulsed?

    Hello friends,
    I have a XMT 350 CC/CV where at "Front Panel Controls" there is a option "Pulsed MIG", if I to buy the Wire Feeder S-74 Mpa plus, He will pulsates?

    And with the S64M ?

    Thank you.
    Thiago from Brazil!

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    A S-74mpa, is supposed to run with a XMT 350mpa power source, The 74M is supposed to run with a XMT 300. The XMT350 needs the likes of a Optima pulse control for it to work


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      Thank you Cruizer,

      When for my XMT 350 CC/CV to pulse Should I buy that Wire feeder(Head)?


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        You need to stick a optima controler in between the machine and the feeder.


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          Originally posted by Thiago Farias View Post
          Thank you Cruizer,

          When for my XMT 350 CC/CV to pulse Should I buy that Wire feeder(Head)?
          If the emphasis is on the 74M wirefeeder, the answer is, not necessarily, You could even use a 22A. Most of the Miller wirefeeders between these two models would work. The Optima controller modulates the output of the XMT 350 cc/cv power source independently of the wirefeeder, but passed though the wirefeeder. If the 74M is the one you like, go for it.
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            Perfect, now I understand the you said. I didn't know of the existence of Optima, This is really cool. The Optima is like the panel of the "Invision 456MP". Thank you very much!


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              The 74M, is kinda crabby to work with, almost need a technical degree to figure out all the settings. Thats why I didn't suggest it. The Opima is easy, set it and forget it.


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                Actually I'm a technical of the Miller I work in maintenance and the S- 74 Mpa plus I know well, but I never put with xmt 350 CC/CV, I'll do it.

                P.S. Sorry For My Bad English, I don't speak English, So I write a lot wrong.


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                  No the mpa feeders only works with the xmt 350 mpa units.


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                    Yes really. Today I did tests with a "XMT350 CC/CV" and a feeder S74 MPa, really no worked in "Pulsed MIG". I saw two principais diferences

                    1st- When set "Pulsed MIG" between the sokets of the remote 14 receptacle soket H to G don't have voltage (Voltage feedback; +1 volt DC per 10 output receptacle volts).

                    2nd- The XMT350 cc/cv don't using the sokets L and N (Wirefeed speed command, 0 to +10 volts DC output signal from wire feeder) and the soket M (CC/CV Select; 0 to +10 volts DC)

                    Because of this the feeder don't show Voltage, show just wire speed and don't have Weld Output.


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                      Can you say OPTIMA, think I said that before. I though maybe a 64M might work, but it would be a bit of a hassle.