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Aluminum welding setup for Millermatic Vintage???

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  • Aluminum welding setup for Millermatic Vintage???

    Hello,I have a Millermatic Vintage mig welder. I want to be able to weld aluminum.It is not something I will do very often but just from time to time.I need to know what is my best way to go here and what all I need to set my welder up for this.I think i need a Spoolmatic 30a feeder and a wc-24 control box.That's a pretty expensive set up if I am correct.Or should I sell that welder and buy one already made for a spoolgun?
    I work in a bodyshop and most of my welding is light duty.(just some fyi)

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    A machine that is already setup for aluminum, basically just has the WC-24 already inside of it.

    You'd still need the 30A spool gun. sooooo, since you already have a machine, best just to get the WC-24, and the spoolgun. Overall it'll be much cheaper to use the equipment you already have....


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      You have a choice of 3 spoolguns for that machine and you just need the gun of your choice and the 10 pin module.
      Millermatic® 250/Vintage All Serial Numbers Spoolmatic® 15A, Spoolmatic® 30A
      Spoolmate™ 200 Series and the 10-Pin Module #043084 ...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Thanks for the info. Now i just have to search around and see if I can find a good deal on those parts.