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miller dynasty 200 dx

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  • miller dynasty 200 dx

    I need help,suggestions!
    I have a miller dynasty 200 dx with the auto-line! I need to run this out in the field sometimes...
    What would be the best way to set this up?a generator??? Inverters??? I need input..and im sure it would help other people also!
    I would like to use it for tiging mostly and on stainless and alu!

    Please give me some feedbacks

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    miller dynasty 200 dx

    I use a miller bobcat 250 when 120/220 is not within 75' of where I am welding. I have a 75' 8 awg extension cord and twist lock adapters for 110 and 220 volt.
    A lot has to do with the amperage your welding. Be more specific with your question. Do a search, I've seen plenty of threads on the subject.


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      I have always heard around here that 5500 watt continuous will power the Dynasty 200.

      I wouldn't want to max it out on one but I have ran mine for a short time on a 5500 and 6800 with no problems. I used an air cooled torch so I don't know about running the coolant pump and the machine at the same time off a generator like that.

      That's something I need to find out. I'm setting up a trailer and planning on putting the 200 back on the wheels that came with it including pump and have to buy power next.


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        miller dynasty 200 dx

        Well i know that inverter welder like the dynasty needs clean power source,and im not sure about whats coming out of generator....its not very constant..i heard,so will i damage the welder? On an other side,the dynasty got an auto-line wich should take that fluctuation...but i might be wrong?!?!