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    gotta be quick here, tried to change tungston size today, the collet is too big, the book does not mention any thing about this, am i missing some thing here or do i go to lws again, i bought the tungston at the same lws as i bought the welder, no mention on their part

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    Yup, you need to size the collet to the diameter of the tungsten. Part of the learning process.
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      As well as the collet body and/or gas lense.
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        The Diversion 165 comes with a collet for 3/32 tungstens. That's probably what you should ask for.
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          And don't buy budget brand chinese soft copper parts. Ask for genuine weldcraft parts.

          I like the Weldtec brand myself. Like all the good parts, they use tellurium copper alloy to make thiers.
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            thank you for your answers, i was wondering why there was a need for a different collet, after looking at the collet, the manufacturer could of made a one size fits all, but thats the way it is i guess, and much agree on chinese junk, there is no place for that crap in my shop, people think that they save big money buying import crap


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              After I got my 165 I bought a kit from that had all of the assorted bits I'm ever likely to need. It's an AK2-pro for the WP-17 torch. I'm well pleased with the assortment that allows me to experiment and learn without a thousand trips to the supply store.

              I think this is the link
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