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Mig Welding Techniques

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  • Mig Welding Techniques

    Recently I helped buld a wood rack for our shop at work. We used 3 inch and 4 inch I beam and I think 5 inch for the base and upright. Anyway I desided to practice different techniques on the welds. Even though its been a few months since laid down some wire I got back in the groove real pun intended.

    I guess my main question is...are there different teniques better than others for certain welds....i.e. pushing, pulling, a circular motion, a U shaped motion.

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    2- XMT's 350 cc/cv
    1- Blue star 185
    1- BOBCAT 250
    1- TRAILBLAZER 302
    1- DYNASTY 200 DX
    1- DYNASTY 280 DX
    1- MAXSTAR 150 STL
    1- HF-251 BOX
    1- S-74D
    1- S-75DXA
    2- 12-RC SUITCASES
    1- 8-VS SUITCASE
    2- 30 A SPOOLGUNS


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      Mig Welding Techniques

      Fab....can you explain...please?


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        This Miller youtube video might help you understand the mig process and ways to weld different positions.


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          What works for me.......the best way to learn to lay a nice decorative/sound mig bead........get two pieces of 1/8" or preferably 3/16" plate and set up in the "t" or "fillet position.....Tack at each corner. I like to start with my welder at like 17-17.5 volts or so and WFS at around 175-210. I suggest starting with a drag/pull technique at a 15 degree or so angle from 90.....Start your puddle and going from left to right.......make a counter clockwise "loop" go up and over the top in a progressive motion from left to right with a VERY brief pause at the top........this should get you going with the dimes.....when you get better, more stable, consistent then the push technique will perfect this....Dave


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            Mig Welding Techniques

            Thanks Turbo(Dave)...when I was welding on the rack I tried a few techniques and just like most of everything I've read on here from everyone... The more you do it the better you get....towards the end of the job...I didn't realize what I was doing until I was done...and just laughed about welds turned out pretty darn good...guess I was in "zone"or it was the muscle memory thing...sorry for no pics...didn't think about it till it was painted and filled up with the 1x's and 2x's