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    After welding about 30 minutes, shut off welder to do some grinding. Started engine, weak spark, will not idle up. Checked machine and the switch was on high idle. Switched back and forth, only low idle. The machine hasn't been used very much lately. Kohler CH18 engine. Checked the F1 fuse and it is good. Disconnected the diode, checked with VOM, 0. Bobcat 225 NT serial #KH350962.
    Well found the problem. I had pulled my carb. to unstick the fuel shut off valve. After putting it back together it ran fine. Thats when the other problem started. I pulled the breather to set the low idle using the VOM. My Hertz were about 40. Set the low idle to ~45, still no idle up. Noticed the linkage between the run/idle solenoid and carb. had popped out of the clip. Reinstalled and working fine. Thanks for all the troubleshoothing tips.
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