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Trailblazer 250 G Low voltage in CV mode

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  • Trailblazer 250 G Low voltage in CV mode

    It was welding fine, picked the gun back up and seemed like the machine had been turned down. Engine running fine and haven't put a clamp meter on it, but CC mode is fine only CV mode is about half way working. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Thanks in advance and please no smart mouth answers, i come in peace, lol!

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    We have a 251 tb that does that. I just shut it off and run stick with it a while. Then it will weld cv again for few hours or a day


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      check your engine speed, MUST be at 62.5HZ tested at the auxillary receptacle high idle no load.


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        Thanks guys. I'm going to pick me up a clamp meter tomorrow. My engine rpm was fine. Like i said i had it in high idle mode because i was running my wire feeder off of it. Had to position some tubing, picked the gun back up and there it was about half voltage. I will check out the hertz tomorrow. Thanks again guys!


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          Hi there, may be there is a dirt or moisture to the cv boot. CV joints are found in most front wheel drive vehicles and some rear and four wheel drive vehicles. By the way, Japanese car maker Honda found a new way to weld steel and aluminum together. With the new engineering, it will be capable of making lighter-weight cars that get better gasoline mileage. You can determine how to purchase brand new car that works for you.