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Best place to find #10 Gold Lense for Jackson hood

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  • Best place to find #10 Gold Lense for Jackson hood

    The title says it all. Want to find a supplier that sells welding hood lenses. Particularly interested in finding the #10 Gold Lenses for a Jackson hood.

    Do they still sell these lenses in glass or is the Radnor Gold coated lense Polycarbonate (plastic) a good enough replacement.

    The local AirGas here only sells Radnor stuff, so for the glass version I will have drive 80miles round trip to the next welding shop.

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    try They sell (or at least use to) #10 (& other shade) gold mirror lens in both the glass and plastic version and in both large and standard view sizes.


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      Tractor supply sells them in glass, I picked up two about a month ago just browsing the store.


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        Most of the time you can find them at your local auto parts store if they have a small welding section. I know NAPA and O'Reilly auto parts has them.

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          Well went to a LWS 45mins away and found they carried an in house brand gold coated lenses.

          It has been a while since I had used a gold coated lense. I still have one around the house but it is a #11. Figured I would pick up an extra Jackson hood so I could switch between lenses just by changing hoods and then when my son is older he can use it to watch.

          The new Jackson headgear is awesome! Feels much more secure than my old ratchet style Jackson headgear and the new headgear has that notch to hold you helmet up and not fall down in your face, so I don't have to crank the tension knobs on the sides tight to make the helmet stay up.

          I don't know if things have changed much with lenses now adays, but it seems like the stock #10 lense in the Jackson was a Very yellow lense and the new Gold glass coated lense I just bought is almost a slight greenish tint to it?
          I was surprised since I thought everyone has been saying the Gold coated glass lenses are like welding in HD.

          I thought the Gold coated lense was suppose to be more of the amber tint and the stock lenses were more green?

          Is this the way the gold coated glass lenses are suppose to look? Or is there a certain brand that is better.

          Can't wait to lay some beads with the new hood. Don't think I could ever go to another brand hood, I just like the full coverage from the Jackson while looking at the Miller hoods, they seem like they leave a lot more exposed.
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