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  • Groove Weld Cap questions

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and sorta new to the welding industry..I have been welding for about a year now for a large company that make mining equipment..I have a question about 1g weld caps...First off my question is using .052 wire. We have recommended settings we use with we can tune if we want..our low setting is 350wfs and 26volts and 430wfs and 29volts for our high...I have been running 430wfs and 29 on my high setting (with is fine) however I use my Low setting when doing my cap and Ive found 370wfs 27volts too work out nice and smooth for my cap. Been looking great for awhile, now all of a sudden theyre not looking so good. Any tips or recommendations would be of great help!

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    Have another welder see if it happens to him also.

    Have maintenance come and check out the machine, explain to them what the problem is.

    Is the equipment in good condition?


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      welding 1 g

      the answer may not be a simple on. the reason is that there are other factors not said. likely you have thick metal to weld?i judge that because mineing equipment is not light and the wire your using and speed and volts is high.
      so, reduceing your volts and speed is normal on cap passed.
      the reason is, the meterial your welding is now hot. this has the effect as if you turned up your volts( that controls your amps used).
      it is possible that over time as your welding the wire is being used at a fast rate and generates a little heat. the drive rolls cut into your wire and ten to pinch the wire. every now and then spray antie splatter on the wire. this will not hurt the weld,and will help the wire to flow- in your gun. another thing is the nozzle can become partly pluged,with splarter. this doesnt, in itself reduce the flow,but causes the gas to increase in pressure at the weld. now to prove that,think of a water hose ,in your back yard? it flowes at a rate that is comming out from the house or building.maybe 20 or 30 lbs? put your finger partly over the hose, and it can spray 30 feet. has the pressure increased?no it hasn't. so that is what can happen when the nozzel gets partly filled with splatter.
      naturally the machine should be checked. but remember almost, always it is not something hard to find ,normally something simple,ok?