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Dynasty 300 DX no hi freq.

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  • Dynasty 300 DX no hi freq.

    Dear Cruizer or any one who remembers a thread that discussed have a Hi freq issue with the dynasty.

    When welding on DC Tig I had to scratch start every time I wanted to initiate the arc, It has did this to me before but not this bad.

    Can you direct me to the post or tell me what to do or what to tell the service technician might be the problem.

    Thanks, Portable welder.

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    Are you using a remote of some sort, cause, no remote, no HF.....

    There is a fuse on the HF board, you can see it on the left side center, maybe its blown.


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      Sorry about wasting your time, one of my guys had it on lift arc because he was welding inside of a tanker and I ddid'nt check that when I was tig welding on a cast steel handle last night.


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        I thought something was strange here since my Dynasty 350 is the picture of perfection.. Had a guy the other day on a web site asking for advice on buying a beginner TIG machine. He was getting different advice from different guys and most of it was good advice. My advise however was the best I felt. I advised him if it was within his budget to step up and buy the Dynasty 350 and make his first TIG machine his last TIG machine! Why waste time learning how to work your way around some lesser machines inability to preform task when you can learn the right way with a HUGE advantage of having a machine that's capable of taking you right to Marcella's level of welding once you master the craft. I don't believe in buying things several times as I pass the capability of the equipment to keep up. NO ONE will pass the Dynasty 350's ability to do a task EVER! A couple of my close friends that were advising me to not buy the Dynasty when I did because they couldn't justify it's cost verses an older Syncrowave machine. Now they stand looking at the beautiful welds I make day after day with the Dynasty on Aluminum and say " I GOT TO GET ONE OF THOSE MACHINES!! " My Dynasty took me from a good welder to a great welder ( where Aluminum is concerned ) After 30 years I'm finally happy with my aluminum welding abilities. There was always that one process that I couldn't be happy with until the Dynasty finally turned the tables in my favor! I will never be without a Dynasty in my shop I just want the 700 now because there's no such thing as toooo much power !!! LOL