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    I have a high pitch squeel coming from the arc on my 305 any ideas what this might be? And how to get rid of it. Thanks for your help.
    Here's a problem for you cruizer!
    PS I have just put all new cables and connections on.
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    thats just how those machines are! Everyone I've seen so far has that squeal. Some are just louder than others


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      Noise of IGBT's firing to make a wave form, get used to it. As the previous poster said, some are louder than others.


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        305g ranger

        It never used to be like this,and it's quite loud.its not just as you break the arc its all the time strange because I've been around many rangers and vantage machines but never heard this sound before.yes I've heard the noise when breaking the arc but not all the time.


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          Found the problem,it was my shelryn cable reels they need a rebuild kit was grounding out through them. funny thing though it did not kick the machine up to high idle. so this problem was not a normal thing that was suggested by some of the replies given and I don't have to get used to it.
          Thanks for the replies guys.


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            Well you can't weld with a dead short and that wasn't the initial question, So if the neg had grounded to your deck, can't see a problem, nor if the positive had gone to the deck, not a big deal either, if they both went to your deck, thats a dead short,