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what welding lens is this?

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  • what welding lens is this?

    I have a 4.5 x 5.25 welding lens. A couple corners are chipped and i cant get all the numbers that are etched in the top left corner. It is a glass lens,dark blue color with a blueish arc glow when welding, and the last numbers/letters i can see are 10JP1. It may have more in front of those but the corner is chipped. I really like the lens tig welding and was goin to get some more if i could find out what kind it is. Seems to be a #10 shade. Thanks for any help

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    what welding lens is this?

    I would probably take it to a welding supply store an see what they can do


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      AO Cobalt Blue.

      Those are selling for hundreds used.
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        what lens is this

        Are those the numbers of AO cool weld plate? i didn't know they made the big lens. all i have seen is the small ones on ebay. does anybody know the numbers on old AO lens?


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          If it is just the corners are chipped & letting light through I have used electrical tape on the edge to cover a chip.
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            How could i find info on this lens with the numbers that are there?