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    you will learn if you have to remove them or not.

    I was always very careful when doing them while still attached, and havent had one of them come back saying i burnt oil seals or any heat warpage that oblonged the holes. I have a small synchrowave 180 sd in the garage and a trailblazer 302 with the hf251 setup. I usually just use the synchrowave and havent really been under-amped yet. I suppose it all depends on exactly how you prep your joint to put the skeg piece on. I usually tack it on really good and weld one side like a root pass then turn it over and grind the backside off to clean any possible inclusions or contamination and then weld the back side of the weld in a fill style pass. Then depending on how thick it has to be I will build it up alternating side to side to eliminate distortion and any real warpage. While i do this I use the wet towels to control the interpass temp and cool down the gear case as to not cook any seals or oil. It is a kinda tedious method but it has always worked for me and i have had no problems with defects in the welds , and the guy was always happy it was done right. I have found using the 4043 filler metal to be a little more forgiving than 5356, but i guess its all opinion. I use straight argon, but have tried and seen another guy use an argon helium mix that seems to really give more intense penetration, everything seemed to wet in better. I am a creature of old habits so I learned using argon and thats what i stuck with.
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      Helium mix

      I have used the Helium mixes 75/25 & 50/50,they do work,but costly.The lighter mix is friendlier & does help reduce porosity.My Precision Tig225's arc transitions from soft (below about 150 amps) to a harsh digging square arc...good for clean aluminum.On thick cast sections it will agitate puddle LOTS.....with LOTS more crap pulled into puddle.So the Synchro 250 will help in that regard I hope.The one I tried was smoother-same arc across amp range.


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        Cast joints

        When welding cast aluminum joints have you found that square edge open roots pull more crap in?Like if there is no bevel on pieces to be welded?I tried this.....I imagine the cleaning action of arc was hampered or something....especially if the edge was rough(plasma cut).I guess thats why guys bevel!(lol).Like I said about the learning curve!The bevel also allows lower amps to be used.Do you let the puddle keyhole?I'm playing with this using copper back-up strip-pain the _ss & maybe not needed.