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Spectrum 625 not cutting

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  • Spectrum 625 not cutting

    I was working with a Miller guy via Email and we determined that my SR2 had gone bad. I ordered a new one and replaced it but am now having more issues and he is out of the office this week so, I'm coming here for advice because I need this thing to work.

    The original problem was that the pilot arc wouldn't light; cup error light, changed consumables, tested the torch to find proper readings both with and without cups, ran through the input/output rectifier troubleshooting part of the manual to determine the SR2 was bad. Once the SR2 was replaced with a new one, I ran through the tests again and got the appropriate readings. Went to test the machine and it still gives me a cup error light and the pilot arc still wouldn't light. Gave me airflow at first but after turning the machine off and then on again, I now don't have airflow.

    Help would be greatly appreciated as this machine is holding up work.

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    Whats the fracken serial#, do you mean PC2? there is no SR2 that I can see. Besides it was very unlikely that PC2 was shot. It's either a torch related problem or PC1 is pooched.


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      It's printed "SR2" where it attaches on the PC1 board and is called SR2 in the manual. In my emails with a Miller plasma specialist, he referred to it as the SR2. It did not test within spec. It was replaced with a new one and the new one does test within spec, how could it have not been bad?

      And like I said, I tested the torch. The torch is fine.


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        Again, many diagrams for a 625, many updates. No serial#, no can help.

        Bet you gave your serial# to the Miller tech. Well I'm a Miller tech as well....


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          Again implies that you said that already, which you didn't. I gave him my serial number because he was polite and helpful and wasn't rude. I'd rather wait for him to return to the office on Monday than give your rude condescending ass my serial number. You even told me he was wrong before saying you don't have enough information to say that (because you don't have my serial number.) It's clear to me that he is the more intelligent, more knowledgeable and more polite tech. I'll wait.


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            I asked for a serial number, as there are many diagrams. I help people on this site for free, as I am a certified CST Miller tech and run a fair sized repair facility. You can wait till the Miller fella comes back from Vacation, And you are the AZZ plain and simple!


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              You asked for the "fracken" serial number and then told me the part I replaced didn't exist in the same comment. You didn't even give me a chance to give you my serial number before you told me the part I replaced didn't exist contradicting a miller plasma specialist and that the part you thought I was talking about wouldn't have gone bad. I wonder If you even read all of my first post before you replied. Either way you showed that you don't know what your talking about and you did it in a rude fashion.

              Then you replied "Again, many diagrams for a 625, many updates. No serial#, no can help." You didn't say this in your first comment so it couldn't possibly be "again." You basically admitted that you didn't have enough information about my plasma without the serial to even make the statement you did in your first comment. You used condescending grammar as if you were talking to a child. "No can help," how about, me no want you help if you be **** about it. Free help or not.

              You sir, are the ass. Plain and simple.


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                Closing this thread

                We have noticed recent posts on this thread personally attacking forum members. It is for this reason that we are closing the thread to future comments. We ask that all forum members be treated with respect in the future.