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AEAD 200 LE Auto Idle problems

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  • AEAD 200 LE Auto Idle problems

    I have an AEAD 200LE that the faceplate has been changed (sorry no serial numbers)... When striking an arc it idles up and immediately idles back down after 10 seconds...even while welding. When switched to high idle, if revs up and again idles down after 10 seconds. I've traced the wires back and the first thing I come to is a small module that has a thermocouple in it. The 12 volts that actuates the throtle solenoid passes through here. Once this module is energized, it heats up and opens the circuit after 10 seconds...when it cools, it closes the circuit and the engine revs up... then opens again in 10 sec. and the engine idles down.

    I've thouroughly cleaned all the grounds thinking that this might have increased the amperage to this module, but it still opens.

    jumping both wires together to complete the curcuit (and finish an emergency welding repair), the unit idles up and welds fine, but will not auto idle back down.

    Anyone have any ideas on this? New idle board?