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syncrowave 300 high freq problem

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  • Denisst99
    started a topic syncrowave 300 high freq problem

    syncrowave 300 high freq problem

    MY syncrowave 300 has a problem,
    the HF will work at start up and will quit working once in a while
    it might take 2 minutes like 30 to get it back...

    Interior of the welder isn't dirty, point gap is set at 0.008"
    i looked around and found people refering to CR1 relay..
    got it open and put it back on and the contacting lever are working in it..
    caps seam to be in good condition, no sign of major leakage

    at that point not sure where to look

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  • cruizer
    Rep's an idiot, the dynsaty and synch 300 are totally different. The 300 's generator is one piece. Non adjustable coils. and around the $100 mark.

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  • chrisclark
    Get in touch with your local miller rep. I had a problem with a 300 and dynasty 200 at the same time and both needed adjustment on the high frequency generator, it has to do with the coils around the carbon rod

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