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Bought a Miller Passport, have some tech Q's, old vs new plus etc. also CO2 vs 75/25

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  • Bought a Miller Passport, have some tech Q's, old vs new plus etc. also CO2 vs 75/25

    So I picked up an older Passport locally. I was pretty much dead set on a new 211 but this popped up locally for 700 so I bit (felt it was a fair price and could sell it for that if needed), I wanted 110/220 and the weight difference is a huge bonus. Before I hunker down and spend some money replacing the previous owners worn gun, replace the lost 220 mvp plug, etc. I had some questions - otherwise I might end up selling it if it can't meet my needs and getting the 211.

    1. For practical purposes, besides the ability to use a spoolgun & weld aluminum (not needed for me right now), any power output differences between the Passport vs. Passport Plus? I ask because the Passport has slightly different settings than the Plus model on the instruction manual - was wondering if Miller just tweaked the settings for the later model and if I should print those out and use them instead.
    2. From what I've read CO2 has better penetration than 75/25. Why is it then that under the Passport settings, the #'s are higher for CO2 than 75/25? Example 1/4" 230v .035 wire 10/60 for CO2 and 8.5/60 for 75/25. You'd think, logically, it would have been the other way around if CO2 was a hotter gas.
    3. Why is flux core limited to 1/4" and less on the Passport? I thought it would have the most penetration?
    4. From Miller's online calculator the Passport has no chance in heck of welding 3/8" in real world use. Will it get full penetration with 1/4" without excessive prep work (ie tack and go) or is that even too much for it on 220v? Anything over 1/4" I would use an older stick welder if it came to it. But I wanted the ability to do 1/4" on my "main" welder, which is why I almost pulled the trigger on the 211 till this CL deal popped up. Duty cycle isn't important at this point - I'm a home user.

    Thanks for the help and newb questions...
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