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Millermatic 200 set-up, 220v vs. 480v

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  • Millermatic 200 set-up, 220v vs. 480v

    I searched and was unable to find what I was looking for.

    I recently was fiven a millermatic 200 from my Dad.

    I have my garage wired for 220v. Previous to my having this welder my dad used it at his shop which is 480v. He recalls that he had to change the wiring around to run the 480v but does not recall how to return it to 220v (got the weldering in early 90's). I quickly skimmed through the owners manual and was not able to find anything in regards to this.

    I also pulled the cover and do not see anything obvious that I would need to change around, no label for high or low voltage etc.

    I believe it is possible he is confusing this with his TIG?

    Can any of you tell me what I would need to do if anything?


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    Just Google the name and model number and get the schematic from Miller. Then you can find out how it is wired. the schematics are pretty simple Mac


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      Google name and model number.

      Miller has most if not all of their schematics available for free. Just download it and from that you should be able to figure out which wire goes where to change it over. Mac


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        Look at this thread...
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          Look inside

          When you pull the wrapper off, you will see a block on the left side as you face the machine. There is a small brown board around 10" from the base and towards the back with posts on it and jumpers. You will need to move the jumpers around. I will try to find the thread on mine from WW. It's not easy to find out where to place the jumper for what voltage. There is supposed to be a label in the machine. Mine had none.


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            The thread.


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              Thanks everyone, I was able to find the board and humper easily once I knew what to look for, and its already set to 230v. Thanks for thw quick responses. I am sure I will have more questions once I get the TIG over here, man that thing is huge/heavy.