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Question about weld grinding for best appearance

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    Originally posted by MMW View Post
    Originally posted by Cgotto6 View Post
    Flap disk for sure. Impossible to have the control with an abrasive grinding wheel. I like norton multi flaps.
    I disagree with the grinding wheel comment. I've done hundreds of machine bases over the years where all outside seams had to be ground flush. 7" type 28 wheel followed by a 36 grit sanding disc. This is the fastest we found. It's in the technique. Most newbies tend to dig & leave a valley.
    Ill agree with you on that. Doing the rough decking with an abrasive to knock it down, but as we both said the best appearance/finish still needs to be done by sanding.


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      MMW, You are dead on, Not enouph filler metal.

      Thats one of the first things I have to teach a guy before I turn them loose with a grinder on a hand rail.

      You need to keep the grinding wheel on the weld and keep the grinder relatively flat.

      I can seem a pipe together and you will never find my weld, keep the ginder flat and on top of the weld.

      However all that is useless unless you have enouph filler metal.