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need to set up dc inverter for tig welding

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  • need to set up dc inverter for tig welding

    inverter has 300 amps 32 volts. need to know is high frequency kit with pedal, torch and flow meter available or is scratch start with pedal and flow meter the better choice? any recommendations on equipment

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    Him, My ESP hasn't kicked in. whats your FRACKEN (Battlestar Galactica terminology) model of machine?????


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      you don't need a achf unless your welding alumimun. start with out all the extras,such as foot pedal that is for, later. fab. shopes use them for production welding,and most of the weling is done with pipe rotated as they weld. some welders i know, use the scrach ,and you can. i have been told on fine welding ,such as root passes in hpp pipe, some like it better. i use both and i know your machine. the scrach does have the ablity to kind of,narrow in the amps on the tungsten. so it's a personnel. up to you
      argon gas is very good,but helium can also be used. anyway.
      for steel use 2% tungsten and as well as on stainless,,,dcsp. if you are welding achf with aluminum use 100% prue tungsten.
      don't get bogged down on all the extras. you have a good machine and i know this machine. that remines me of buying a car. extra this and that. gee's i just want a car that works.