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stainless steel shrinkage.

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  • stainless steel shrinkage.

    What's the best way to stop stainless from shrinking?

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    Your not kidding, My stainless steel kitchen sink keeps shrinking as my wife and kids put the dishes in it.

    So you can keep it from shrinking if you just do the dishes.

    I hope this helps.


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      stainless steel shrinkage.

      I solved that prob. Just use paper plates, cups and plastic knives n forks.


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        stainless steel skrinkage

        i like the coments on the dishes.
        anyway stainles steel has aheat effected zone that stops heat from traveling. it's an aloy steel. that means that the heat stays a long time in one place. steel for example will travel very fast and often,for example you can touch steel ,maybe several inches away and feel the heat from welding. stainless for the same size or thinkness will not act the's H.E.Z. is different
        well what does this all mean?
        stainless contracts fast and the weld cools fast. it can skrink fast. hint,,,ever notice- in stick welding stainless, how the flux will pop off so quick?
        anway if you put cold wet rags near the weld ,and sometimes right on the weld after welding thin stainless,you can control it and how it acts.
        i would not do this on mild steel,because of it"s structure it can cause it to crack. steel has to expant at a different rate. stainless is not the same.
        depending on what your welding . i remember a square box stainless about a foot sq. 3 inches high. we had to weld a cover on top of it.(it's a long story). so we built a container,filled it with water ,except for the top 1/2 inch. welded the cover on and it was perfect . skrinkage controled.
        well, i don't want to write a book,but that is of some help i think?


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          What's the best way to stop stainless from shrinking
          You could get a more detailed response with a more detailed question.

          Short answer to your short question is "Control the heat". You are likely running the amps to low and are moving too slow. Try cranking it up a little and move faster. That will put less heat into the material and help reduce warping.