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  • preflow or ramp-up start

    I got a new MM211 about 6 months ago, all smiles except for the first weld after the machine has not been used. Always the first weld of the day starts without any shield (for a split second), then it works just fine.

    I use CO2 on the little migs, I have never noticed this before with any other Miller mig's. I will try 75/25 next time to see if it gets any better.

    It seems that some preflow would be good for the first weld but would suck for the fast tacks and the occasional bumping the trigger welds.

    I noticed that my Victor flow-meter on my tig has a big surge on the first weld, maybe that is the answer because the supplied Smith regulator has no surge of shield at the start.

    I have to say I like the auto-set on the 211 with both .030 and .035 wire, it turns the mig into a one knob machine. Only thing is I can't set it on 1/4 when I weld 1/4, It has to be set much lower on all welds than the panel voltage says.

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    You need to manually purge before your first weld. Either turn the wire feed to zero, or just squirt out a few inches of wire and trim it off.
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