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Welding in tight angle areas:

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  • Welding in tight angle areas:

    I will soon mig a X-cross-over exhaust system that has a combined angle of 23 degrees.I have a Miller 251 welder and will use the new 11/32" tapered nozzle to get between the pipes,I hope. Question, what is the maximum amount of stick out of the contact tip that I can go? I'm using .023" wire with 75/25 Argon Co2 gas.I will machine the nozzle shorter and make oval as well as taper the contact tip. What gas flow should I use with this nozzle and will boxing in the weld area help contain the gas? Any ideas positive or negitive would be appreciated. Thanks,Carl W. [email protected].....=o&o>........

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    All great questions.

    You have a great unit for this. It's electronic control will help keep the arc constant even with longer stickouts. I just did one where my stick out was near 3/4" and it welded fine. Boxing in the area is a fine idea if it doesn't interfere with your gun clearance. I wouldn't put your flow any higher than 30cfh. It will cause turbulance and give you some unwanted contamination.

    Hope this helps.