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thunderbolt wiring set up

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  • thunderbolt wiring set up

    hey all new guy here, the other day i picked up a thunderbolt xl to practice my bead and build random stuff around the house. big question is. what wire do i need to run to feed the 220 outlet i need to install? 6/3 or 8/3. and can i use the same wire to make an extension cord?

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    what you do is find the amps required to run the welder, its on the id plate, go to an electrical parts store, they wuill hook you up with the right size, also there is a type of electric cord used for extension cords, you can use that for the wire to the plug but its more costly


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      so dont use 6/3 or 8/3 to make a extension cord? i suck with electricity...


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        The 6/ and the 8/ are sizes of wire 6 being larger and more expensive. The /3 is how many conductors in the cable that you are buying. What kevin was saying is that you need to find the current on your machine to determine the size of wire then go to the store to buy it. Likely a NMD90 cable for in the garage up to the plug because it is cheapest. But for an extension cord you will have to buy a cable, of the same size, that is rated to be an extension cord. Something like a SOOW, SJOOW. The guys at the hardware store will know, just bring the current you need and explain what you are trying to do and they will hook you up



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          Guys aat hwd stores do not all know,,, but that machine needs a number 10 cable or better and 10 is fine for the cord.


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            Originally posted by jdcollins86 View Post
            so dont use 6/3 or 8/3 to make a extension cord? i suck with electricity...
            Yes and No.

            Wiring for the receptacle will actually be 6/2 or 8/2 or 10/2.

            Although there will be 3 wires they do not count the Ground wire in the name.

            So if you were to ask for 6/3 wire you will get 4 wires and you only need 3

            Extension cord or power cords for machines : all of the wires inside the jacket of the cord are counted. So a 6/3 extension cord will have 3 wires inside of it.

            Do not use the wall wiring for an extension cord. Since you mentioned you suck with electricity , are you going to do the receptacle wiring?
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              thanks for the clarification im going to call a electrician. i was looking at the panel and i have no room so i guess what im going to have to do is get to tandems breakers to free up a spot for a 220.