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Coolmate 3 flow indicator problem

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  • Coolmate 3 flow indicator problem

    I just purchased a coolmate 3 for my syncrowave 250 machine and hooked up the water lines (i.e. 25 foot, 250 amp torch) and my flow indicator doesn't seem to want to turn. I even hooked up a 12 foot torch, thinking it may not like the 25' length, but still no movement. In trouble shooting, I hooked up a hose between the water input and output and the flow indicator just spins like a jet engine. What on earth is going on? Help....

    Thanks Ron

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    Welcome Ron.
    Thanks for checking us out!

    You problem is a common one and as you have demonstrated, it's determined by the restriction of the hose. A 350A torch seems to spin it but the 250s don't. That issue is being addressed and will eventually be redesigned. Rest assured, you do have flow through your torch, it's just too low to spin the wheel.

    I hope they will make a retro kit for all these problem units.



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      Thanks for the feedback. I did notice flow, but was it enough...? I'll rest a little easier now. Thanks again.

      p.s. Give the design boys a little elbow in the ribs to get this one fixed, or at least tell folks about it. It sure would make for better PR if we knew about things as such up front.


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        I had the same thing happen to my coolmate 3 On My Dynasty tigrunner. I dont know if this will fix yours but it did mine. It didnt seem to spin real smooth so I ran compressed air thru the unit [on the bench] for about one minute and it seemed to spin much better by hand, then i put it back into the cooler and it worked fine. Make sure the lense on the front is just tight enough so it will not leak. Since I have done this it only stoped working one time and a slight tap on the cover got it spinning again


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          That's good advice. I've done some similar things to get them to work...doesn't make it right though



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            Not sure what is going on here but I have the exact same set up as you :
            Syncowave 250DX
            Coolmate 3
            WP -20 ,250 amp watercooled torch with 25 ft length.
            The water flow indicator has always worked fine.
            Based on the previous threads it should NOT be working !
            My only thought is, it is all 2002 equipment and maybe changes were already made ??